13th Annual Saraawati Classical Arts Festival on November 13th, 2019 at MNN.

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I subscribe to a site that seek people with various skills or experience to volunteer to assist nonprofit organizations for a particular need. In my particular interest, I was seeking a personal project to to use my skills as a documentary photographer and found a posting by the The India Center and applied. The organization was having an event at community based cable tv channel to tape their event but wanted a still photographer to send images to the media. I did not know what to expect when I arrived at the television station but I was prepared to get the performance images they wanted in the studio. I was granted full access prior to the taping and these photographs are of the young dancers practicing and mingling before the show. There was a small audience in attendance for their performances. The organization gave out a flyer and here is the information provided: "BHARATNATYAM: Liza Joseph had her initial training in Bharatanatyam from RLV Usha and later under Kalanilayam Chellamma and Shyamala. She studied in a Gurukul style workshop under world-renown artis VP and Shantha Dhananjayan. Liza has choreographed over 120 itms including classical and semi-classical, and fold dance workshops for schools, libraries, art centers, non-profit organizations, multinational corporations and has been a judge at many prestigious dance competitions. She launched The NatyaMudra School of Dance in 2002 with branches in NY and CT."
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