Holi Hai Festival 2018

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Holi Hai Festival 9th Annual, May 12th, 2018 on Governor's Island, New York City.
Holi is the Festival of Colors, celebrating the coming arrival of Spring, friendship and equality. "Holi Hai!" translates to "It’s Holi!" An ancient Hindu springtime festival traditionally celebrated in East Indian communities, Holi is now celebrated around the world as a colorful welcoming of springtime. The joyful festival requires throwing powdered color (gulal) creating a cloudy mess, but there's much more to it than that. Holi celebrates life, good over evil, the arrival of spring and thankfulness. The throwing of color is based on the legend of Krishna. It is said that Krishna, whose skin was blue, wanted to have the same complexion as his love interest, Radha, so with his mother's advice, he applied colors to her face. The colors are simply a representation of that story and have become an expression of love. Each color has its own meaning, too. Red is purity and love; green is vitality and new beginnings; blue is the color of Krishna; and yellow is the color of turmeric, which is what was historically used.
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