National Action Network (NAN) March on Washington 8.28.2020

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I covered the 2013 NAN 25th Anniversary March on Washington D.C., and expected this 30th one to be either the same amount of gathers or perhaps a bit larger given the recent shooting of George Floyd. Instead, as the day wore on, the amount of people arriving was as large as the 1963 March when Martin Luther King Jr. spoke. His son, MLK, III, spoke on many civil rights, and activism themes, his oration at times approached the gifts of his father was a fitting testament to his legacy. Rev. Al Sharpton's NAN organization brought together masses of people from all over the country of varying ethnicities that was absolutely peaceful and left a spirit of hopefulness that the tragic deaths and injustices that have afflicted many Africans Americans for centuries will cease the need for marches in the future.
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